Under the deck storage bags

I’m looking for wisdom on the best route to go with under the deck bags for expedition kayaks. What are the options? Which ones work best? How do you attach them?


Is This What You Had In Mind?

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What is your material?
Poly or composite?

I glued the attachment patches for my Northwater to my composite hull. If you have a poly hull, you will need to drill for attachment machine screws.


Can you slip a pump over top of this one and have it held securely? I’d love to get my pump off the deck.

I went that route once
put in an underdeck bag into a Nordkapp, within a year the adhesive failed (doesnt mean yours will) and the bag flopped down.

This time on a QCC 700 just yesterday installed an ‘emergency hatch’ immediately in front of the cockpit which opens into a knee tube that is glassed in place.

The hatch and knee tube are Kajaksport products (hatch is their Round Hatch 10 which is actually

3.94 inches) and the knee tube is listed as a Mini Day-Hatch (I think the one I ordered was originally intended for the Kajaksport Millenium).

The knee tube fits the QCC700 perfectly, the emergency hatch also fits very well.

We inserted the flange up from the inside and then trimmed 1/16 inch off the hatch cover in an effort to keep the profile as low as possible.

I’ve promoted this type of ‘emergency hatch for a couple of years now’ and it was my only complaint against the QCC.

If any are interested or want to see pics of this mod let me know and next week when I get off work I’ll post some.

I love the North Water Bag…
I have them in three boats. Actually I have two bags and bought just the pads for the third boat and just switch the bag.

Yes, Please
forward photos of your install. You sold me on the benefits of being able to access the emergency hatch with the skirt installed. I am very happy with my hanging bag, it works great, but it can not be accessed, of course, without removing your skirt.

Hey, OT- and on to TDI’s. First step done. I have a sports car now. Dyno results before and after are great. 92hp/184pound ft torque before and 132hp/228pound feet torque after. Right now the car drives like a rabbit. I have only measured one tank full and my milage is about the same. I got 48mpg around town with yak racks installed. Going to order the new fifth gear for during the holidays install and I will let you know.

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Here! Here!

Pictures! Pictures!

I am intrigued.


PS: Two seasons on my glue-job with no failure.

look around
one of the best under deck bags I"ve got was meant to be a mesh bag accessory for a back pack. It’s got a stiff cloth/hard foam backing with a roughly rectangular shape 5"x3"x12" with a draw string opening. I replaced the string with a 1/8" bungie. It holds a lot of stuff and drains/dries easily. I attached it with small pan head screws through a rm Chatham 16 deck.

The slide out underdeck bags have been hit and miss for me. KISS

NW are not “slide out” type
I agree those look questionable.

NW stays put unless you want to take it out of the boat. great bag - love mine - pads super solid at 2+ years (E6000 adhesive)

are there also side bags for big kayaks?
I should relook those.

Heavy mesh isn’t utilized enough for this stuff. I had a great REI mesh fanny pack thats not made anymore, zippered it made a great ditch bag with 2" belt. The mesh under deck bag was made by EMS and I can’t find them anymore. The problem I’ve had with all the various kayak bags is that they enclose water so that any waterproof item still gets steamed with entrapped water. With the mesh bags everything gets wet and can dry out.

Under the deck storage bags
Thanks for all your input on the storage bags. Some things to look into that I hadn’t thought of.

Interior Mounted Cockpit Bags
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like these,but different
Imagine the same general dimensions with the same 1/8" thick backing but the rest is heavy mesh with a draw string opening at one end. EMS was selling them as accessory side packs. With small #10 pan head machine screws through the plastic deck and the locknuts crushed into the hard foam back it works great. Not really complementary for holding a pump but it’s useful. Mayby if it was positioned off center with bungies holding the pump equally off center,if there’s room. Or in a peaked deck you could put the pump underneath it. Whatever works.


leads me to custom
reading through these resposnes makes me think…I have sewing machines…I make custom gear for myself…anyone would like something special, I would do it at cost. No profit, just keep me busy durring the winter with something paddling related.


mesh deck bag
Ok,those dimensions but with a draw string on one end so stuff doesn’t fall out. Mounted underneath it works great.