Under the wetsuit

What does everyone wear under their wetsuit? I just picked up a new wetsuit and my shorts don’t fit very comfortably underneath!


rash guard…
wicking layer

Lightweight capilene from patagonia
is my fave underneath, but my wetsuit is from polartec aquashell so I really do not need a rash guard

Clean Underwear
The polyester kind. Ditto for a shirt too - only it has long sleeves.

“Any day on the water is a great day!”


… OR - Power Heated Wetsuit
Rip Curl launches the World’s First Power Heated Wetsuit


What I Came To This World With…

Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm by trapping a “thin” layer of water between the suit and your skin, thats the reason that a wetsuit needs to be tight fitting. By adding additional material and space where water can exist between your skin and the insulating neoprene, you are defeating the purpose of a wetsuit to keep you warm when in the water…


heat packs
I know scuba divers that would place a reusable heat pack in the back of their wetsuits to help keep them warmer in cold water. They all dive dry suits now.

cycling shorts and coolmax l.s. jersey
Albeit, I’m not out in 30 degree temps and wear nrs hydroskins.

The cycling wear is thin enough (for me anyway) and comfortable enough for paddling several hours.

Lots of baby powder under the arms
and in the crotch. Sometimes I’ll wear a rash guard if I’m in a hurry. If it’s very quiet and I’m the only one around, I’ll do the shimmy under a long shirt and go BA. If it’s busy, I’ll often wear a bright colored bikini with the drawstring hanging out. This is to discourage passerbys from acusing me of changing in my underwear. Better to be called “the fat man in the Speedo” than trumped-up charges that can get WAY out of hand in an instant.

I agree with Sing but you gotto be very
careful with the zipper…

That’s why I thought they were “wet” suits.

Sing is right
Follow the lead of surfers: nekkid. If you pack a large towel, you can even change in a parking lot without attracting attention. If it’s cold, rashguards and the like can help a little. I’ve got a sleeveless O’Neill piece that has a thin fleece layer and a neoprene hood for when it’s really cold, but otherwise, lose the duds before entering the suds.

Bananna Hamock
I wear a speedo under the wetsuit just so I can change on the beach and not get busted. Its the only time I wear a speedo anymore.