Underwater movies?

I’ve seen it suggested that all these digital cameras can make movies, but I am suspicious that the amount of light available, especially in an indoor pool where rolling demos might be desired, will slow the shutter speed so much that the result won’t be good. I can’t even take good photos an an indoor pool without using a flash. Can anyone speak from experience on this? I am thinking that a waterproof box for a true camcorder would probably produce much better results, although then it isn’t in digital form.

Hi, I’ve had fairly good luck in a pool with a digital camera check this http://www.kayakwisconsin.net/kayak-video.html

Most of the underwater shots were with an OPTIO. Not that i recommend an Optio since my experience is that the don’t last very long, but you can feel for the lighting.

my clips

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I use a Pentax Option W20 and have been happy with the results.

Here is a video clip from Hawaii while snorkeling:

And this Blog post has a set of video clips (the original .MOV files as produced by the camera) from a roll session in an outdoor pool at night (so poor lighting - the last one is the only one that is underwater):