I figured the title would get your attention. :slight_smile:

Simple but serious question… I think.

What if anything do you wear UNDER your wetsuit?

Mediou weight polypropelene
under a rubber wetsuit (I rarely use one these days), and a pair of suplex shorts with a fly and a thin nylon belt under my polartec aquashell wetsuit. The aquashell does not give me a rash at all, is super comfy. easy to clean dries fast and is and biocide treated. Not quite as warm as 3mm neoprene but way warmer than hydroskin IMHOP.

We just did this one a little bit…
… for what it’s worth:



Spiderman underoos
It gives me confidence.

Something about a rubber suit just…well, you know!!!

For real, nothing under works for me. Easier to put on and take off.

Lightweight Poly

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If you need lightweight, which is hard to find, check Sierratradingpost.com

Under fuzzy rubber…
usually nothing on the lower half. Sometimes a thin base layer longjohn (Capilene or polypropylene or Thermax etc.) underneath if I want a bit more warmth. With a Farmer Jane (fuzzy rubber) I usually wear a wicking t-shirt or Mysterioso fleece unless it’s hot out.

I use nylon shorts and shirts made by Starter that I have purchased from Walmart under my neoprene. They are comfortable and inexpensive.

Spongebob boxers

I guess I missed the previous thread, and appreciate your comments.

I just got a farmer john and was trying do decide what to wear with it.

Farmer John With Mysterioso Top and…
I wear a 3mm farmer john with a mysterioso top, if it is cold, and speedos. The speedos are just so I can change in the parking lot, and not worry about dropping the towel.

Or having a kayak surfing buddy grab it off me, but that is another story…

I wear a long sleeve hydroskin and/or a 2mm wetsuit jacket, depending on conditions.

Of course…
I wear my fire engine red lace underwear-you never know when you’re going to be in a medical emergency and you wind up in your undies!HAHA!

…or non padded lycra bike shorts.

Capilene boxers RULE!


Ha ha
I rarely wear “river shorts” for that reason: they come off too easily.

Someone told me a hilarious story about rafting on a WW river. He got caught by a hole and, when he got to shore, everybody was laughing at him. He looked down and realized (!!!) that the turbulence had ripped his shorts right off. No underwear.

A Few Different Things
You can wear fleece under a wet-suit if you want. It’s not great but it would work. I have a few different items I will where under my farmerjohn. Having both long a short sleeve rash guard shirts work for layering. I’ll buy those in a bike shop. NRS has a good selection of undergarments for wet-suits. They’re pricey but work very well. A hydroskin top works excellent for example. Silk long-john bottoms as liners. I have a thin pair of tights that go with either my neoprene or hydroskin. I also wear them under hiking shorts for wind and sun protection.

Burger King underwear,
“Home of the Whopper”!



If you ever need help…
Linda, if you ever need help getting your wetsuit off, then just call out my name… ROTFLMAO!