Ungava Bay rivers?

I’ve got it in my head to look into a trip on one of the rivers that drain into Ungava Bay. Anyone here paddled any of these rivers?

Have you read this site?

The Hideaway Canoe Club.

Yes I have,
but, thanks anyway. I actually emailed one of the founding members, Michael Peake, I think, and I am waiting to see if he will reply. Sounds like a knowledgeable group of paddlers and wilderness trekkers.

Michael Peake

– Last Updated: May-03-05 10:32 PM EST –

Michael has lost 3 family members in the past year. Wife, father and mother. His mother only recently passed away. Don't feel shorted if he doesn't respond to your e-mail.

you may find something on wildernesscanoe.org, they have some info in the Ungava region

troy gipps

Most of the Hideaway Canoe Club will be at the Maine Canoe Symposium June 10-12 for the entire weekend to give lectures and workshops, despite all their losses.

We are grateful that the Peakes value our event so much that they make it in spite of everything.

I second the thought of patience on the email Michael is putting a new Che Mun together and trying to get life back on track.

Thanks for the info on Mr. Peake.
I’m not in any hurry at all. This is a trip that will happen in a few years.