Uniden Voyager vs Horizon 471?

Was wondering if anyone owns these radios. I read a couple of posts that claim they were less than submersible. Anyone have first hand experience with either of them? Other radio in the running is the new Uniden 350. Thanks!

I’ve had my Voyager
for one year now and its been submerged numerous times.

I usually wear it on my shoulder, Bynstrom mount.

After being submerged, the speaker can be fuzzy but a quick forceful blow into the grill rectifies the issue.

Very happy with the radio, would buy it again.


Same here
Our club-owned Voyager has been dunked too many times to count, with no prob. An excellent radio, I too wear it shoulder-mounted and other than occasionally getting an antenna up the left nostril when turning my head, hardly notice it’s there.

Standard Horizon
I have the small Horizon radio-don’t remember the model number. I roll with it in my PFD. Never had a problem. But, I do make sure the rubber covers are in place before I set out.


Thanks! Do either of you know
the mA rating on the battery in the Voyager? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the web. Might be printed on the battery itself.

850 mAh N/P

Voyager failures

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My voyager is back to Uniden for service second time this year, for water problems. Looks like a second battery has leaked salt water, and the squelch/vol knobs get bound up tight together. From all I've learned (check other posts) there isn't any such thing as waterproof. Its more a marketing tool to produce sales. Waterproofing a radio for immersion is near impossible, but thats the claim it takes to get us to buy the things in the first place. Its more profitable to service & replace water damaged units than to be honest as admit that these units are likely to fail eventually.

But I still like my Voyager. And it has a 3yr warrantee.

Peter McLaughlin
Plymouth, Ma

Have you looked at Icom?
My M1V has been trouble-free, and others also report good experiences.

If you’re considering the HX471…
…you should take a serious look at the ICOM M88. IMO it’s a better built radio. I’ve gone through 5 HX460’s (and I know a lot of others who’ve had problems with them), but neither of my Icoms (M88 and M1V have given me any trouble. I’ve frequently seen $50 rebates on the M88, so if you check around you may be able to get one for right around $200.

As for the Voyager, the only downside I see to it is that the small, closely spaced buttons are hard to operate with gloves on. If you live in a warm climate, that won’t be an issue.

Bnystrom, I was looking at the Icom’s
last night. The 88 seems to be very expensive. Cheapest I have seen it is $260 and since it is essentially the same as all the other radio’s (no AM, FM or FRS) its hard to justify. The MV-1 may win out after all. Battery the biggest I’ve seen

(1700 mA) and cost is $175. Seems like it is worth the extra 30 bucks or so.

Do you like your MV-1? I have not seen any rebates for the 88 or the MV-1. If you know of any please post the link. Thanks.