Uniden Voyager


From my archive search I see that you have a Voyager. What are your impressions of it? How does it compare to the Icoms? Does it have a place to attach a lanyard so it can be teathered to something?

Any other owners please chime in as well.

Me too
I’ll have mine on Friday. Got a new one off ebay yesterday.

Got one, love it.
It leads a hard life and it shows, with the salt lifting the finish off the metal. No shame in that though, I leave it attached to my pfd at all times, and just hose it off with the rest of my gear after trips. It’s two years old now and the battery still holds a charge just fine. I can leave it switched on all day and only lose one bar on the power indicator.

Same - no troubles, good battery life
I do leave mine off mostly though, but it’s wet and salty a lot.

Different battery experience
A friend had to replace a battery after about 1 year of very light use.

Does it have a spot to attach a lanyard, or just a clip on the back?

A friend just lost his radio in 100 feet of water because he missed his pocket. I don’t want to follow his lead.

Got one.
I’m not a heavy user, but no problems. Seems to be really well built. Battery holds up nicely too.


Yes, a lanyard attaches
Attachment is on upper right side. You can see a bump there in the pictures.

I haven’t used it enough…

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...to really comment on it in depth, as the Icom M88 is the radio I carry all the time. The Voyager seems to be well made for the price and it does have a lanyard attachment next to the volume/squelch knob.