Unidentified long green kayak

Can anyone help me identify the make and model of this kayak? I bought it from a friend who got it as payment for some work he did. It had some thin tan line stickers running along the hull that were mostly peeled by the time I got it and there is a circular spot where some other sticker must have been. It is 15’6" long.

Thanks in advance to everyone .

Have you looked for a HIN (hull identification number)? That will give you a clue to the manufacturer.

My old Eddyline Skylark had the same small hatch cover as shown in your photo.

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So I should have included this in the question lol I started by searching the HIN but the first three letters are FLB which if my searching is correct means its a Folbot and the last digits seem to imply its a 1986. But I can’t find any info about plastic one piece Folbots so thats why I’m stumped. I suppose it’s possible that a previous owner swapped the HIN (i dont know if that’s legal or why they would)