Unique Design in question.

I love to fish out of my canoe for many of the same reasons I read of here. Recently I came across a small manufacturer new to me; Cranberry Creek Canoes. I found them in a Scheels Sporting goods store. Has anyone ever heard of them? The little I have heard is very positive. They are extremely stable (you can stand easily), track really well, and have a unique flat back design which is supposed to negate the negative aspects of the traditional flat back since its keel comes out of the water in back. Anyway, I’m interested on any thoughts people may have.

reminds me of…

Interesting design. I have a set of boat plans along those lines.

Anyway, you’ll get some negative feedback about the keel line. If you fish any sort of shallows, it’ll hang on that keel quickly.

Looks like that’s joining point of the 2 halves of the canoe.

Negative feedback
Not only will you get some negative feedback about the keel line, you will also get some negative feedback about the length and river durability. It would be fun to use on quiet lakes and ponds, but I’d hate to collide with a river rock in one of those things.

Beautiful Lines!
What a neat looking craft! The Marshlander only weighs 2 pounds more than my Penobscot yet will take a lot of motor.

Does that keel extend all the way aft under the boat please? How did the hull feel to you? Rigid? Flex?

Looks like a two-mold process with the halves joined at the keel from the few pics they show. My initial thoughts on stability would be medium primary and excellent secondary stability with the secondary becoming apparent much sooner than most canoe hulls.

Thanks for sharing it with us.