Unique Problem

Hey guys, I need some help with an unique issue. I am in high school and with being so young I am not allowed to go kayaking by myself. I have only one friend that kayaks and she has just graduated so she will be going off to college come fall. I have a few friends that have expressed interest in kayaking just not willing to invest in one. I have come up with two solutions to this. One, I can wait to buy an upgrade kayak and let my other friends who don’t have one of their own use my old one. Or I could buy a cheap kayak like a Pelican from academy(keep in mind that I am using a cheap Aruba 10 from Walmart) for them to use. Just wondering what advice you guys can give me.

Oh and the friend that graduated has a life of her own and I feel bad about bugging her every weekend or multiple times a week to go kayaking.

Some ideas
(1) Your idea about having a cheap loaner for a friend to use is good. You could look for a friend who might have a SUP . Could you convince one of your parents to go?

(2) Look into joining a club. Unfortunately most kayak clubs are for OLD people.

(3)Look on Boater Talk dot com for young whitewater paddlers in your area. Take some whitewater classes and meet some paddlers your age.

Where are you?
Approximately where are you located? We (the board) can probably recommend paddling clubs or a couple key people in the area that can hook you up with a group of die hard paddlers that are out almost every day that you could paddle with.

…a teacher and START a paddling club.

…A active boy scout troop that floats.

…different friends.

Central Louisiana

In fact the only way I get to go usually is when they go fishing in my dads boat

Scout Troop
As far as I know the scout troop around here travels away to do everything. (I have a few friends in it)

other possible options
I agree, the 2nd kayak is good. Then you’d be going with someone you already know and trust and enjoy being around. Too bad about the girl but as you said she’s got a life, still maybe good for a future weekend meet or spring break, or next summer excursion trip.

Some local Thrifty Nickel/Dollar Saver classifieds offer free ads in some categories, or maybe a cheap pay spot, to see if any others, or groups in your area might be available

2nd Kayak
Only issue with the second yak is that I don’t know if I should wait to upgrade. Or if I should go ahead and buy the cheapy.

pro’s and con’s list
start two lists, one with pro’s and one with con’s. That might help you decide

Good idea

Tour De Teche and meetup.com
The Tour de Teche is a race that starts in south central LA. I imagine there is are a couple groups that train on a regular basis in the area. Even if you’re not interested in racing, the racing crowd is fairly die hard, and knows a lit of people that paddle regularly. If you get in contact with the organizers, I would bet they can point you towards a paddling club or a group that meets regularly in your area.

Also, at least up here in MN, meetup.com often has casual paddling get together that are posted publicly on meetup.com. Check it out and see if there’s anything in your area.


Thanks for all the help you guys. If anyone has anymore ideas please share. I can’t be the only newb with this problem.

Consider building one
Some good ideas above about finding a paddling partner. Here are some thoughts a boat that might also help with finding more partners. Consider building one (or more). You can do plywood boats without dropping a bundle on fiberglass & epoxy - although that does make for a stronger & more water proof craft. You can also go with a skin on frame design. Tom Yost has some interesting designs.

A couple of quick links: Duckworks: http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/

Tom Yost: http://www.yostwerks.com/DesignIntroduction.html

Start building boats and you might have people hanging around.

I had seen that and thought that it would be a cool idea to try in the future. I may try it sooner if it doesn’t cost me much.

Second boat
I realize that you’re in high school, and money is therefore tight, but I think a second boat is your best bet.

If you are willing to loan a boat, I bet you’d have PLENTY of friends willing to go along.

I just got an email from Dunhams this morning, with kayaks as cheap as $179, and paddles at $29.

If you can’t swing it, pitch it to your parents. Explain that it’s a safety thing, you’d have a companion in case of trouble, it’s a healthy pastime, you will be making new friends, etc, etc.

My how things have changed. Granted, I’ve been out of school for a few decades, but when I was in high school, I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t want to know what I was up to. As near as I could tell, all my friends were about the same. Most of the time they (my parents) were surprised if I showed up for dinner. But that was then and I realize the world has changed somewhat. I kind of feel sorry for today’s yutes.

Oh, my advice is don’t buy a cheap pool toy for yourself, or anyone else. A really good kayak can be a lifetime investment that pays untold dividends. Don’t go cheap on the paddle, or pfd either.

It’s their idea that I don’t go alone for safety.

I was leaning more towards the upgrade kayak. I’ll think I’ll just go that route. Although I think I’ll still try to make one someday.

Ouch !