"Universal Fit" Spray Skirts

The kayak I recently bought (Dagger Specter 15.5) included a neoprene spray skirt that fits me well, but it’s a bit warm for year-round use IMO.

I was shopping for something better suited to warmer weather, and saw this:


Which seems to be a good piece of gear, but I’m not sure about the “one-size-fits-all” flavor of spray skirts.

Do these work well? All advice appreciated (really… not just sayin’ that).



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Kokatat has a very good reputation.

The "universal fit" might refer better you rather than the kayak.

Check with Kokatat about fitting your boat.

Second that
We have one of those skirts and they are nice as long as you don’t stretch around in the boat like for a roll (at which point the deck doesn’t have enough give to avoid lifting an edge just a bit). BUT there is no such thing as a deck that will correctly fit every boat, especially in a non-stretch material like GoreTex. If the deck is on the large size for your cockpit you’ll have a puddle of water constantly in your lap, if it’s too short the water will be in your boat.

I suspect that the deck is sized medium, and it is Altrec rather than Kokatat that decided they could call it a universal fit.

Have you considered a skirt with
a neoprene deck and a breathable tunnel? Snapdragon makes such a skirt.

I will not comment on the universal skirt issue, because I don’t believe in it. Each skirt must have a deck designed for the boat, and a tunnel designed for the paddler.

“Universal Skirt” Means
light duty, keep the mist off, skirt… The nylon one size fits all skirts collect water like crazy. Soon you have 30 pounds sitting on your lap and then the skirt lets go…


I have this spray skirt. It’s a great
piece of gear. The “one size fits all” refers to the fact that the bungy around the coming can be shortened to fit your boat. It comes fairly large. Once you shorten it, if you cut off the excess, it will no longer be “one size fits all”. Excellent quality skirt. I have the gore-tex version for summer, and the neo version of the same skirt for winter.