Universal Skeg/rudder unit?

I’m looking for a universal rudder or even a skeg kit that can be mounted onto a “plastic yak” I’ve seen a few advertise in the UK, but am hopeful that I can find one located within my home country of Canada. If anyone knows of one please let me know where and how much or even a link or phone number for it. I’m getting a really good deal on a new yak, but it doesn’t have a skeg or rudder and I would really like the improved tracking that they offer… If I have to get one shipped here I will though!

Thanks and have a nice day…

You mean like
the one Feathercraft sells for one of its boats? I’ve wondered whether it could be adapted for my E68. The latest Pakboats newsletter mentions a similar sounding device intended for use on the Puffin II, that also may be adaptable to hardshells or other folders. Pakboats’ website doesn’t show or mention the skeg, however.


sort of
What I am looking for is one that mounts to the deck of a hard shelled yak, sit in or sit on doesn’t really matter as far as I would think. looking to put it on a Pelican Pursuit 100 (I know cheap POS).