University of Sea Kayaking...OK ???

Anyone purchased anything from that site? I’m thinking of purchasing Yoga for Paddlers and Rolling with Dubside. I’d purchase from here, but this site doesn’t offer Yoga for Paddlers and I’d like to purchase both DVDs at the same time and save on shipping.

Wayne Horodowich is a personal
friend of mine, so I’m a bit biased. He is 100% honest, writes many articles for P-Net, is a great instructor, and a past captain of the US Surf Team.

For many years, he headed up the outdoor education dep’t of the University of California at Santa Barbara - UCSB.

Don’t worry about ordering from him, you’ll get what you ordered.

Have had good dealings with Wayne
in the past.

ditto this
wayne is terrific, and one of the best teachers around. if you ever get a chance to take his rescue course, do it–highly recommended. his usk videos also are first rate.

Remember, Pnet Paddling Perks

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Members get 10% off the price of the DVD, and the shipping is same or less than that discount and no sales tax. So, I buy my DvDs from Pnet.

I have heard mixed reviews about Yoga for Paddlers DVD. Some say fairly slow and not very padling related. I never saw it.

Dubside's disc is fun, but really, in my opinion repetitive. After some basic instruction for nthe first 12-14 minites of the dvd, then it's roll after roll after roll... after roll. All you can see for free on

My 000.02 centavos.

(don;t you hate it when people write that)

if the yoga DVD will get you stretching
then do it. Stretching should be part of everyone’s daily ritual…Yoga per se is too ‘crystal/vertex/new age’ for me, but stretching is just good for your body, paddling,hiking/biking and sex :slight_smile:

On Dubside, I wouldnt say the DVD is repetitive, its exacting in what you need for each roll…but yes he does go from one roll to another right after another.

If you have a kayaking library on DVD both of these should be there.

So now you have .04 cents

two more cents
I took Wayne’s rescue class once. I found there is anadvantage to having short legs :slight_smile:

I like the Yoga DVD. I skip around to whichever pose I want to do.


Is there YOGA for non paddlers?
I’ve taken if for 6 years. All YOGA is total body. If you can, take some classes. You’ll enjoy it more, do more, learn more and develop a regular weekly class schedule. All instructors vary their classes week to week and you can find community centers for classes for $10. They’re mostly all 45 minutes. Don’t be intimated by lack of fitness or flexability. They have seen everything and are trained to work with everyone at their own pace.

I learned
a lot just attending a lecture he gave on surf zone paddling. He had videos and some slides, and that was it. But I learned more from him in that lecture than I did from a class I took in the surf in my kayak.

Definitely worthwhile. And yes, a VERY good instructor.