unknown folding kayak brand

i picked up what i think is a “Marte” folding kayak made in Stuttgart, Germany. tandem, 16’9" long, all wood with brass hardware(except for pieces to hold a mast), looks to be canvas skin that’s been painted so many times, it’s unfoldable so far. my plan is to restore it, and use it, but would like whatever info i can get 1st. i haven’t found any info on the Net. the previous owner knew even less about it…looks to be from the 50’s? Thanks

MARTE Faltbootwerk, Stuttgart
Sorry, that’s about all I could find. I suspect someone on one of the folding/falt kayak/kajak boat/boot forums would be able to give you more info.

Folding kayak forum
Have to ask around, I’ve seen references for it, but there is somewhere on the web a folding kayak forum. They will likely know more about that brand there.

If you can’t find it drop me an Email and I’ll ask a friend that designs folding kayaks what the address is.

Bill H.

ask here…

unknown folding kayak brand
thanks for the info, i’ll check it out