Unknown Grumman Specs

I have an opportunity to get a 17’ Grumman for $150. I gave the serial number to Marathon and they could only tell me it was before 1974(? - mid-70s sometime).

This is a first canoe for a family (two adults, two young kids), something I wouldn’t take solo. I’m pretty decent on the water. Am I foolish to chase this? I understand it’ll be a tank, but I want to enter cheaply into this hobby to see if my family likes it. We’d mostly be paddling lakes and flat rivers of medium size (we’re in West Michigan). Grumman’s history is cool.

The number on the stamp is 787-MA-5-17. What can you share?

At that price, don’t worry about it…assuming the hull doesn’t leak and no obvious safe to paddle issues.

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I grew up with an 18’ Grumman ca 1962. Used it with family on everything except white water … ponds, lakes, rivers (no more than class 1), Long Island Sound (on protected harbors, bays).
Yes, it’s tank and tough to load on a high SUV in the wind. Check the rivets for stress cracks. Otherwise indestructible. If you buy it for $150, you’ll be able sell it for at least that at anytime in the future.

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The old work horse canoes. Look at it carefully for repairs, dents and patches.
They are great canoes and can stand the test of time.
They are beamy, have flat bottoms, and keels. They are a little slower in the water, but a good first canoe. They ride over waves well due to fullness in the ends. Not fast but dependable. Buy it.

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As long as there are no rips or bends in the hull (check carefully all the seats and thwarts are perpendicular to the center line, go ahead and buy it (extra points if your partner can do overhead lifts of 70 pounds.) These are great boats for families.

Iin 1985 we went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minn. Even the best outfitters at that time had rental fleets of Grumman aluminum canoes.