Unknown Kayak brand

Hey everyone,

So I recently bought 2 kayaks that are completely unfinished (got a really good price on them) but I know nothing about them. There’s no manufacturer listed for them so finding parts to finish them is a bit of a challenge. Has anyone seen anything like this? They are 17ft long but I haven’t seen any 17ft long kayaks out there similar to this. The man I bought them from thought they were at least 6 years old.


Installation is pretty straight forward after removing molding excess from cockpit and hatches. You will have to install bulkheads too. Have a look at pictures of complete kayaks. For parts, Top Kayaker might be good start (http://www.topkayaker.net/index.html). Seat and front hatch covers might be an issue. If these hulls have an HIN, it will include manufacturer code as first 3 letters.

Please post pictures for us as you work through your project.

Possibly Old Town Millenium , Nantucket or Heron(not the current 10ft tub) ? The front hatch , definately looks like an Old Town hatch. Sometimes they where covered with sea socks and hard covers. Some Old Town’s just had rubber hatches. My father has an Old Town Adventure XL; in polylink 3, that had the rubber hatch. Old Town abandoned sea kayaks ~ 5-6 years ago. Mainly to focused on rec. boats and canoes. It could possibly be a prototype, that never went to market. Good Luck.