unknown kayak

Does anyone know what particular kayak model this is?It’s 15’L x 22’’ or 23’’ W.It looks to me to be of British descent(maybe valley)fiberglass,the owner is deceased and the seller doesn’t know what brand or model it is,thanks.

I’d need to see the bow to know if it could be a Valley Nordkapp. In the 1970s it was made with small (ocean) cockpit. There were many variations, and many copies. Mine, in the below photo, has a fixed skeg stern, and is designated as HM, whereas your photo may show the HS model.

Not round enough for a Nordie hull I think. But looks like it was never set up for a rudder and has a hung seat… I am flummoxed.

Here are a few more pix


They made 15’ Nordkapp’s?

Don’t think so. Length may make it North American.

Looks a lot like the Harry Teiken boats…

Interesting. Looks kinda fun…

From the pictures it appears to have an HIN behind cockpit rim. Have you tried searching first three letters for Manufacturer code (MIC)?