Unleaded vs White gas for duel use stove

After reading other posts about getting rid of white gas that you do not use with in a year why not use unleaded with duel fuel stoves instead? Buy fresh unleaded at the start of each trip and any fuel you do not use, just pour in the gas tank for the ride home. Makes for safer storeage at home and does not waste unused fuel.

My understanding is that…
…white gas will always burn cleaner and is the preferred fuel for keeping a stove running better and cleaner. That’s probably why folks use it even with multi-fuel stoves.

There’s a lot of impurities and unneccessary additives (For cooking) in auto gasoline. It will work, but I only use it in a pinch.

That said, I have some ANCIENT white gas that I still use, and it works fine. Since the better half moved in, I haven’t camped much, maybe once or twice a year now, so a gallon of white gas goes a long long way.


been using both for years
white gas does burn a little cleaner, less smell, fewer yellow flames, but if you let unleaded warm up, it burns just fine.

the coleman duel fuel stoves are tanks, I’ve been using mine farily heavily for about 12 years and never had to clean it out… for gods sakes these things can run kerosene and diesel fuel with the right add ons!

if thats what you have on hand go ahead, these things will take it

Dump the old white gas in the car
We always seem to end up with a small amount of white gas each winter. We just dump it in the car along with a fill-up of unleaded. The half-gallon or less won’t do anything bad to the car and it saves me from being tempted to re-use it in the stoves.

I do keep a small MSR cylinder of white gas in my car through the winter for emergency use. I keep my stove, a small tea kettle, and some soup/tea/sugar in case I get stranded some where. I just make sure I use that cylinder first in the spring. I also make sure it is as full as allowed to minimize the deterioration potential.

I just don’t like the cooking my food over the extra junk added to unleaded fuel. Remember MTBE? I know they don’t add it now (because they found out how persistent it is in the environment), but they’re probably adding something else that I wouldn’t want in my food. I would only use unleaded automobile fuel if there was absolutely nothing else around. So far that hasn’t been the case.


Coleman Premium Fuel
Coleman has come out with a Premium Fuel simliar to MSR’s fuel.

I was told it is a more filterd fuel and has a rust inhibitor.

It comes in a Qt plastic bottle.

more exspensive than Coleman Fuel, $3.60/Qt.

ON a field maintainable stove
I used to use amoco. It was pretty much additive free. My bottom line: if the stove feild maintanable and is built to take it burn anything and up the maintenance schedule. If the stove is not feild maintainable baby it, and question the judgement that lead you that way.

unleaded as a last resort only
unleaded gas contains benzene, a known carcinogen (and a great valve lubricant!). Only use in a well ventalated area, and be sure to keep your face away from the stove while its burning. I wouldn’t make a habit of using it either.

I hope you have a good cleaning needle b.c extended use of unleaded gas really gums up your stove’s jets. You can use it, but be prepared for much more maintainance. Duel fuels are ususually called “internationals” b.c they can burn other gases in locals where the prefered gas, white gas, is not available.

The price is getting pretty close…
Recently bought a gallon of Coleman for about $4.50 at Wallyworld…

Maybe the question should be, can we burn Coleman in our cars? :slight_smile:

I KNOW Colman fuel will work in my XR650…