unsticking rm Chatham 16 skeg

since this one is new to me and a year old I thought I’d pass on what I did to unstick the skeg control. Apparently the sliding rod and housing get gunked up with salt and sand likewise the set screw on the skeg slider gets corroded into position so it all can’t be pulled out and washed without re-drilling the set-screw. The skeg wire housing got pushed back out of position at the cockpit slider and needed to be put back into position with another cable clamped drilled through the hull midway between bulkhead and slider.

Turn kayak over, fill skeg box with water and work the skeg and slider back and forth allowing water to flow out the slider hopefully flushing out what’s gunking up the works. Put kayak up on end with stern down, dribble some kind of non-petrol teflon lube on the slider untill it comes out the bottom.

MUCH better.

future skeg cure
to keep from forcing the slide bar I drilled a small hole at the bottome rear of the skeg. Attach a 3 inch piece of string (heavy fishing line). If/when the skeg gets sand in the skeg box pull on the string instead of the pushing the slide bar. You can even get a paddler to read down while under way to pull while you push slightly. I did this on my CD Gulfstream with great success.

Skeg cable?
Does the cable on the RM run through the rear hatch. I opened up a comp 16 at the shop…

No one could believe Necky would let that happen…

at some point the skeg shouldn’t have to require assistnance everytime,but I’ll add the string,second person today mentioning it.