Unusual clouds

Never seen this before and some of them formed as we sat and watched the others…

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Weather channel showed similar cloud on radar the other day.

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Could be exhaust from an alien spacecraft or smoke from the Minneapolis riots. Very interesting.


Those sure are some odd ones - look almost like a sky writer trying to do a face but running out of smoke. But if you were watching them form, you’d have seen that, I suppose.
BTW, being a UK guy, are you seeing stuff from the Cloud Appreciation Society? A person I know put me on to them and there is a gentleness about their approach that reminds me of the laid back feeling I get on longish paddling days. I’ve put this up before, but it seems to fit with this post and perhaps others who might enjoy it may have missed it.

There are some pretty impressive photographers involved with these folks, too.
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Thanks i will have a look here is a bit better shot

I, too, thought they looked like deliberate trails left by aircraft.

@pikabike not a plane anywhere in sight :wink::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: