Up a creek, without a paddle.

Help! I need a paddle, Ordered my first kayak today! NC17 Quest, But now i need a paddle?

Any help would be great! $300-500.00 budget

Lendal Kinetic crank shaft 215cm
my choice…

4 piece…carbon carbon…with a carbon shaft…nice…light…easily changeable to other blades if you want more power…


do not forget a spare paddle!!!

$300-$500 budget
cheapest glass/carbon shaft Aquabound for about $140 for spare paddle. Use it for awhile before spending the big bucks. My preference for a good all around paddle is the Epic Signature series. I’d wait on the big buck purchases until you develop a preference.

Thanks for the advise!
A good idea and i save money, that souds like a better route, i hate to spend the mother load and regret it. Thanks again!!

low-cost option
If you like to work with wood, you can make a paddle very inexpensively.



Another Low Cost Option

I’ve made and use a number of these - fine paddle for the type of paddling we do.