Up River Paddling - Bloodvein

Anyone here know how far one can get by paddling up river on the Bloodvein? That’s without having a the bow person mutiny.


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This probably no the best forum for this question. Try Canadian Canoe Routes (http://www.myccr.com/) in the Manitoba section. My group was looking in running the Pigeon River this summer but the logistic was too costly. If you go on CCR you will see a posting that has some good info in it on flights on shuttles.

I’ve come to the same conclusion.
The cost, no matter what way you slice it, is way high. Fuel prices are supposed to go up too, so I reckin’ we’ll do the BWCA again.

Berrens/Pigeon River
Yep we are going to do the Pipestone instead. We will return someday when we have more time and paddle-in from Berrens lake and get a boat shuttle to Mathesens Island. It will be a three week trip. Good luck on your trip

several years ago my son and

i paddleld to Katunigan .The plan was to go up the Leyond but the water level was too low so we stayed on the Blooddvein ,then came back to the dock.

Round trip 13 days the biggest factor would be the water level .


Bloodvein travel
It’s been close to 30 years since I’ve done the Bloodvein. (I’m assuming you mean the one on the East side of Lake Winnipeg.)

I’ve done this river twice, both times as the junior trip for St. John’s Cathedral Boys’ School.

We would start the trip at Siderock Lake, near the town of Bissett, which in turn is about 3-4 hours from Winnipeg. There is good puddle hopping from Siderock Lake to the upper reaches of the Bloodvein River. A variation will let you do the Gammon, which is tributary to the Bloodvein. A bit more work will allow you to do the Barrens River, which I’ve done once. I’ve not done the Pigeon.

My recollection is that the upper Bloodvein is lots of tracking, then a day that is mostly lining, then a space where you can shoot nearly everything, and finally a section that is too big to shoot.

Mind you, this was with voyageur canoes, and it was early in my canoe career. I would expect now to shoot far more than I did then.

It would typically take us about 2 weeks to get from Bisset to Lake Winnipeg.

Hope this helps.