Upcoming BWCATrip

I’m new to this forun but not to paddling. I hope I’m in the right place. I’m planning a BWCA trip in mid

August. My entry point is the Echo Trail #14 Little Indian Sioux River North, heading up toward Upper and Lower Pauness Lakes. My entry day is on a SAturday morning. I wanted to go in on Monday or Tuesday but schedules got in the way. Lunch on the first day is at Devil’s Cascade. Does anyone know this route and what tips if any can you offer? I’m interested in travel times, good camp sites, etc. I’ll be out for seven days and want to return to the same entry point.

Thanks in advance,


Ask at these sites also
I’m not familiar with that route because most of my trips have been in the Quetico. These two forums might get you more responses:



Hope you have a great trip

I’m not familiar with that route, but have been to the BW many times. Just a reminder, get a camp site early (1PM or so) in in the BW mid August. Especially for your fist night on Saturday. Have fun.