Update - Gen purpose canoe for wife & I

Just thought I would update everyone on our eventual purchase after having sought your advice a little over a month ago.

The wife and I just got back from picking up a brand new Penobscot 16 in Alton, MO (located on Eleven Point River). Found a deal I couldn’t refuse on the canoe most recommended from the previous thread and the one I was already leaning towards. Ozark River Company had 4 or 5 of the black limited edition models which are now “discontinued” items. Got one for $869. Spoke with the owner by phone Wednesday and had him hold one for us til we could get there Saturday.

So, this morning at 5 a.m., my paddling partner and I saddled up and five and half hours later, the owner, Bill Oliver, and I were unwrapping it.

I knew that this Penobscot was going to feel lighter than the Coleman I had so many years ago, but wow, I can’t believe how incredibly light a 58 lb. canoe feels compared to what I remember with the Coleman. Kevlar canoes must really feel feather-light.

After 30 - 40 minutes of looking it over (it was perfect) and talking canoeing, Bill helped me strap it to the homemade rack on the back of my Ranger. With mostly his effort, it was solid as a rock when we got done.

Six and half hours later (stopped for lunch), we were unloading it in the garage. The wife is amazed at how easy it is to lift, too.

It rained on us part of the way down and most of the way back, so maybe there will be enough water to float on soon. We’re really excited to try it out but probably on a small lake first.

Bill still had 1 or 2 Penobscots left in addition to some Campers and Ospreys and various OT kayaks. If you need a boat and are within striking distance of Alton, MO, I highly recommend getting in touch with Bill. We had a great experience. You can get more info at www.ozarkcanoe.com.

Thanks again to all the Paddling.net posters for your previous input. It was enlightening, amusing and helpful.

Good luck
Good paddling with it. Avoid that first rock that will scratch or dent it; they’re just battle injuries, no problem.

Have fun!
The Penobscots are nice canoes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

Cheers…Joe O’

I have yet to meet Bill but

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Yesterday (1/31) I purchased an OT Penobscot 16 Limited Edition from Bill over the phone. You are right, what a great sounding guy! I can't wait to meet him. He is holding the boat for me until I can make the 300 mile drive down to pick it up in mid-February. While there I plan to initiate the boat on the Eleven Point River and hopefully get in a little fishing. No since making a 300 mile trip to trout and small mouth country without sampling the local aquatic life! This will make the fourth canoe in my current stable. Happy canoeing with your new boat! By the way, i too transport my boats on a Ranger. I have a cap on the bed and a Yakima rack - one bar on the cab roof and one bar on the cap. With a couple of cam lock straps I have hauled boats as far as 1,200 miles with absolutely no problems.

Congrats, and I’ll Vouch For ORC
And if anyones considering buying from Ozark River Company I’ll vouch for Bill and Janet,the owners. I have dealt with him several times including a few years ago when he had a kayak shop in Ozark County MO. He was wanting to expand his operations to include some of the boats he used to sell, but Old Town is the only “Dealer friendly” company he’s found this time arround. He and wife Janet are very nice, and honest people to deal with. WW

good choice and a good price

Many thanks!
Bill and I at Ozark River Company want let our wonderful customers know how much we appreciate their patronage and kind words. We strive to supply the best in product, knowledge and service. We are thankful for the chance to meet our customers and want each and every person who considers or purchases a boat from us to feel special, comfortable, and well informed. We are located near one of the most pristine rivers in the Ozarks. The Eleven Point River is wild and scenic and we invite you to come see us and to enjoy this beautiful river. We carry Old Town Canoes and Kayaks and will be happy to discuss any with you. Until then, thankyou again for your kind words. See you on the river and Happy Paddling! Bill and Janet Oliver Ozark River Company. www.ozarkcanoe.com

me too
I look forward to getting my canoe from ozarkcanoe.co, this will be our second Penobscot but this is one of the limited editions mentioned above. I cant wait to see it. Bill was super nice to deal with. It had to be shipped and I was told it will probably be here on monday 2-13 but if I was lucky on friday 2-10. Its like christmas all over again. Hurry Mr.Truck Driver but be careful with my new boat. :wink:

Paddled mine

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Congrats to the other new Limited Edition owners.

Took mine on its maiden voyage (solo) on a small local lake soon after getting it home. Initial stability was not bothersome at all -- I thought that’s just the way all canoes feel. My solo paddling technique need serious work. I’m sure it looked like a giant (and slow) zara spook “walking the dog” across the lake (zig,zag,zig,zag). I’ll get better though.

Looking forward to getting the wife in it -- paddling I mean, of course.

Of course paddling!
What else would you do with your wife in a canoe? I will pick mine up (Limited edition, that is - I don’t think Bill sells wives!) on February 17th or 18th. While there I hope to initiate it on the Eleven Point within a few hours of pick-up. I might as well sample the local trout population while there!

Congrats…several months ago I
called OT about a Penobscot 16 in black and they told me that black wasn’t available even though it was on their web site…not many black canoes out there, very chique color and a nice boat…