update on carolina rudder issue

Hey all

Just thought I would update you all on my Perception Carolina with or without rudder issue. I took the first rudderless kayak back and exchanged it for one with a rudder - no charge. The Alder Creek people were very good about it. While there, I picked up a WS Tsunami 145. This was actually the one I wanted in the first place. I think I must have tried the 120 which I was unable to fit in. I had a little trouble with the 145 but did manage to get my legs in this time! Haven’t had it on the water yet but am anxious to see how I do with it. I really like the Carolina - very stable which I think is important for a newbie. Got the Tsunami so my husband/kids/friends could go with me so I don’t have to paddle alone. I hope it is as stable as the Carolina (husband is swimming challenged) Anyone out there ever paddled both of these kayaks and can give me a comparison run down?

Congrats !!
You did the right thing.

Since you are the third person that I have heard the same story about the hidden blem, etc, it sure makes me wonder what Perception is trying to pawn off on the unsuspecting newbies.



on your purchase. I have a Tsunami 120 and love my boat, and it incredibly stable. Check out this thread:


for some comparisons and thoughts on the Tsunami 125 and Carolina 120, should help you out.

Enjoy your new boats, now get out there and get wet!!

Happy paddling…