Update on Montbell Goretex warranty repair

I received back today my repaired under warranty Gore Tex shell from Montbell. They determined the fabric was fine and impeccably replaced all of the failed seam tape. They processed it on the shorter end of promised 3-5 weeks. Good news that they are one of many gear companies that stand behind their products.

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I have not had to warranty anything with Montbell yet, but have 2 of their jackets. I love love love them for ultra light backpacking and their more durable fabrics for around town.

About a month ago I was camping in 35* with a 20 gusting to 30 wind after a long 20 mile hike in. The other 4 guys at camp were cold/uncomfortable in their sweater weight down jackets and all but 1 went to bed early, like 7:30. I was toasty warm in my Alpine Light and stayed up with one other guy around the fire for another hour to enjoy the stars.

A thick puffy with less than 20D material is the best weight you can carry IMO, and Montbell is probably the premier mainstream brand for down puffies. They’re really only beat by cottage mfg’s like Goosefeet, Nunatak, and similar who make custom spec’d/sized gear