Update on my Penobscot

versus Brother in laws Blackhawk. We had our first trip together Sat, since they were up visiting for Easter. He had the girls (his daughter and mine, both 12) and I had the boys (mine 9, his 7). Great time on the Withlacoochee. Close to the take out they decided they wanted to race, so off we went. Them (all 3) paddling like mad, and the boys encouraging me on to paddle faster, well we beat 'em buy a several feet then they flipped as the girls tried to grab our canoe to slow us down. It was hilarious, was probably the highlight of the trip for the kids, the boys jumped in before I hit shore.

You must be a powerful paddler

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If you beat that Blackhawk with a Penobscot.
But congrats to you and all the kids. It sounds like you all won.

That Withlacoochee has a bunch of good paddling opportunities.
Last month we did the section from Stokes Ferry to Dunnellon.

The pic is about three quarters of the way down



I don’t think it’s the same Blackhawk
His is old. He got it when he was a teenager in FL. It was made by Blackhawk Canoe Company in Rockledge FL. It has a sticker of a canoe with a hawk, the wings make the canoe, if you follow that. It’s also 16 foot. Doesn’t say Combi or anything like the ones listed in the product review. It’s fiberglass but has some rocker, it’s almost identical to my Penobscot 16 except it out weights it (Penob is 58lbs) by 20-30 pounds. I also have a Mohawk paddle and he was using one from Wal-Mart.

Memorial Day weekend we are going to canoe the Chestatee River.