Updated info on the Adirondacks

Since many pnetters likely get to the 'Daks or the Catskills too. It’s bad. From a local ADK member probably originating from the main office.


The Adirondacks and Catskills were devastated by Hurricane Irene. Hiking trails in the Eastern High Peaks, Dix Mt., and Giant Mt. Wilderness areas are closed through at least Labor Day Weekend. Roads leading to popular trailheads The Garden in Keene Valley and Adirondak Loj in Lake Placid are closed, as are many other roads in the Adirondacks.

The following links are good sources of information on the Adirondacks: http://adirondackexplorer.org/out-takes/,



and Catskills:


got lucky
I was in the Adks 1st week of August and it was a perfectly beautiful time to be there… alarming how the damage reports are mounting. Rt. 73 thru Keene Valley and the Cascade Lakes was a lovely drive and it’s devastated now.

Thanks for those links
I lived in the Catskills for many years and have always paddled in the Dacks. The interior flooding to these places and to Vermont and other parts of New England may be the worst damages of this storm – and seemingly the least anticipated or covered by the media.

Yeah, good links, we were there
in July. Are you advising us to do something?

Advice: “Check before you go”

As Clarion said

Potential flooding was mentioned
I live in Iowa but even on national news I heard plenty of warning about potential inland flooding from Irene; especially from wrap-around wind and clouds on the western to southwester part of the storm after the eye had passed. They talked about the expected heavy rain form this large wet storm falling on saturated ground from Pennsylvania through upstate New York and on into New England.

Maybe I paid more attention to that part of the warning than most. I remember Hurricane Diane in 1955. I was about seven years old and we spent the summer near a place called Cuddebackville about 10 miles northeast of Port Jervis, NY. I remember Cuddebackville flooded out near where the Neversink River joined the Basher Kill. The whole Basher Kill river valley was flooded out and looked like a lake at about a mile across to the hills just short of Otisville, NY

Speaking of media
I think radio coverage is just awful. No helpful information given at all. Stations are run by robots and engineers who twiddle with buttons. No live people!

There are canned messages to go to xxx.com

Nice when you have no Internet. Or no TV. The only good thing is that most of us were able to wiggle out and stand around the stove at the general store and find out news that way…the old fashioned way.

Radio sucks.

Radio sucks I agree, except for …
Radio sucks I agree, except for public radio. The only place I have found real news by real journalists on radio is public radio. Iowa Public Radio is great.

The only problem when traveling around the country is finding the public radio stations. That’s unfortunate but for some reason when traveling I always find plenty of “talk” radio - that’s when I turn on my iPod.

Radio kept me sane
during the power outage. My local TV station had a full day of coverage and it broadcasted simultaneously on the radio. After awhile I felt saturated with hurricane news though. With a shortwave it’s fun to tune into Europe.