Updating local launch description project

My local paddling group is going to try to make a concerted effort to write descriptions and update amenities for all the launches in our area.

Has anyone tried to undertake a group effort like this? Any suggestions on how to tackle it and keep it organized?

Is there a list of guidelines/tips for writing descriptions anywhere I should point our users to look at?

Also, can anyone tell me in general, how long it takes new additions to the map to go through moderation?

Thanks everyone. I’m glad to be here. Thanks for having me.

I really like this idea and had hoped to do something similar about 25 years ago, but got delayed for a good reason that is not pertinent now. I actually started on a list but no longer have it. I would make a check off list and ask for people to volunteer for their favorite river or anytime they go paddling. Some things are a list of links to maps to which they can refer for road routes to the venue. A description of the road to the put-in (i.e., is a 4 wheel drive necessary or not), what is the parking area like and how secure is it, is it a put-in for power boats, what is the bank like (steep,etc.) any hazards in the water at the put-in, any fees. etc? You can do one by a virtual tour imagining. Best of luck.


Thanks Pagayeur,

I think you are thinking many of the same things I was. So far we have about 15 people who are on board for working on the project.

I was hoping there might be some easy way to list all the go paddling sites in a spreadsheet that could be sorted by location and how recently they have been updated or commented on. Then people could pick out launch descriptions that need some TLC close to them.

Here in upstate NY, we’ve got TONS of sites on the map. But most of them are lacking much information. I’ve got 15 people and counting who are willing to go out on reconnaissance missions and update the p.com map. But I’d like a way to keep it organized. I’m not a programmer, but I work for a tech company. I know all the info I’m looking for is in the db, I just don’t know how to access it it in a user friendly way for this specific project.

After a crazy long delay, we just rolled out new versions of the iOS and Android apps that will sync all new/updated data in (nearly) real time.