upgrade kayak

Thanks again for all input. I guess I’ll look ata few kayaks that were mentioned.

I’ve gone from total flat water to small rivers to 2-3’ waves off the coast in Stonington,ct. I’d say me favorite right now is the small windy rivers of northeast Ct.

thar ya go …

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1 decision down.....since you stated you do waters with 2'-3' waves ...rec style boats are out, IMHO, that narrows the field down to true touring style or at least a "daytripper" Tsumani or Easky style boats. Next is cockpit style /size...I like the Prijon "keyhole" style. just enough room for me to easily slide my legs in and still keep the cockpit small enough to use a spray skirt. I'll venture a guess here and say u'll end up with a boat in the 14'-16' range, touring style. I also own a CD Solstice, and getting in and out w/o tipping is a bit more challenging than the Prijon is. Being in Oneonta your not all the far from Lake George Kayak.

Basically agree but…
OPer is in CT, the other new boat person was in Oneonta and got a boat at Paddlefest in Old Forge yesterday. Both are coming from time in Otters - a bit confusing.

But yes - even if inland on windy rivers, agree with the stuff that trout indicated. Fore and aft bulkhead, full perimeter rigging and a cockpit that provides some contact.

…i should read the whole post next time ( embarrassed look) !!!

Easy to get confused
Kaycat has actually started a few posts - this post is a refinement of the first ones after she got some more input. So solaris coming thru at the same time - it’s easy.