Upgrading a seat ?

I have been paddling my liquidlogic tuxedo for quite some time now and I have decided that it is time to upgrade the seat if possible. I am looking for some advice and suggestions on the best way to do this. Replace seat all together? Add some cushion to it?

inflatable seat
Try one of the various inflatable seat cushons. With these you can adjust the air pressure as you paddle to change your position slightly. This change increases the comfort level. An added advantage is that you don’t have to alter the boat.

Good luck.

Make a custom foam seat
This is a very common modification. I have pics of one method in my “Seat Removal and Replacement” album on Webshots at:


There are some additional pics in the “Kayak Outfitting” album.

Tractor Seat
from clcboats.com

They are just right.

Hot Seat
on the Miwest Kayaks site which is the same as the NRS seat on their site too. About $25 and I just ordered one for my boat.

ONNO’s chair seat
Just bought a seat from Patrick at ONNO and have bonded it in the boat. It will take a few days for the glue to cure. Seat is a work of art. We’ll see if its comfortable. Go look at his seat at ONNO or Tideline. Good luck Franklin