Upgrading from Hurricane Tampico 140

I’ve an intermediate (protected ocean bays and lakes) thats been paddling a Hurricane Tampico 140 for the past couple of years with a Werner Camano paddle. Positives: 10 lbs lighter (44 lbs) than if it was a poly yak, seakindly (rounded) hull surfs smaller waves nicely, lower paddling resistance, good secondary stability, fits well. Negatives: There are lighter materials, poor primary stability (the round bottom makes getting in and out a challenge sometimes). I would like my next yak to be around 14-15 feet and be around 35 lbs and have better primary stability (without sacrificing secondary stability). I think the only way to accomplish this would be a chined hull, and the material will probably have to be fiberglass. Any suggestions for yaks I should consider? Thanks and happy paddling.


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To find a FG boat that light.

A QCC X10 in carbon come close to your weight.

What you're asking for is a Pygmy Arctic Tern14 with hard chines and light weight but you will have to build it.

Check with Marshall

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of The River Connection in Hyde Park, NY. He carries Lincoln kayaks, including the Chebeague which is 14' long, 24' beam, and ranges from 32 to 37 pounds, depending on the material.


If that doesn't work for you, he carries other quality brands.

Now that’s nice…

I’ve been lusting for that black Schoodic.

Look at Stellar 15ft or 16 ft under 40lbs in the Advantage layup is in your ball park.



Tampico has been replaced by Sojourn
The Sojourn series (126, 135, 146) has overcome a couple of the problems you mention. It has hard chines. The deck has built-in structures (“architecture”) similar to those used by Eddyline for more stiffness and the result is very good. The hard chines add stiffness to the sides. A raised keel makes the bottom stiffer.

I still have concerns about the the stiffness of the bottom, but I notice that my Eddyline also has a fairly soft bottom.

The primary stability of the Sojourn is excellent. I haven’t had it in rough water yet. In moderate conditions it feels very stable.

Your goal of 35 lbs can only be achieved at a much higher price. You could look at Swift kayaks, but in my opinion the Hurricane Sojourn hull is a much better (i.e. more stable) design. I wouldn’t pay $3000 for the Swift hull. I would look at the Hurricane Sojourn and the Delta 14 and compare those to composite boats.

There is often a trade-off between stability and speed, so look for a balance between them that you’re comfortable with.

Soft bottom model
Which EDY do you paddle?

I have both the Tampico 140L and the new Sojourn 146LV. I like both and appreciate what Hurricane has done to help folks that want lightweight but can’t afford Glass or Kevlar. The 146LV is def more stable with a harder chine. The weight feels lighter than the Tampico 140L though at 6" longer. I paddle on the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes, The Gulf, as well as other rivers and lakes. I feel comfortable in either boat. I chose the Sojourn because I have been experiencing some vertigo at times and I have lost my equalibrium and rolled when on some heavy chop coming at my port or starboard. With the new Sojourn I think that would be more difficult to near impossible should I get hit with severe motion sickness again. If nothing more I feel safer.

Model Specs:

Weight Length Width Cockpit Capacity Stern Storage Bow Storage

47 lbs

21.31 kg


4.42 m


61 cm

36″ x 19″

91.4 cm x 48.3 cm

300 lbs

136.1 kg

6699 Cubic Inches

(LV 6468) 3465 Cubic Inches

(LV 3234)

*Key to Ideal Use: 1 = Quiet lakes and rivers, 2 = Day touring quiet coastal waters and larger lakes, 3 = Coastal waters, day trips, overnight tripping


Rudder/Skeg Option: Yes Smart Track


Improves tracking in winds & current; easily deployed

Bulkheads: ABS Plastic Bow & Stern

Flotation and storage

Hatches: 10” Bow Bulkhead & 16” Oval Stern

Storage compartment access

Deck Bungee Rigging: Bow & Stern

Deck storage for dry bag & gear

Outfitting: Airestream seat system and thigh braces

High back support, adjustability and breathability

Twist loc footbrace system

Easy adjustment from seated position

Plastic Grab Handle: Bow & Stern

Comfortable & sturdy when portaging

Perimeter Safety lines: Bow & Stern

Contact point for rescues & recovery

Sojourn 146 and 146 LV

THE SOJOURN 146 and 146 LV are the premier models in the Sojourn series and, at 14 feet 6 inches long, offer excellent speed and tracking in a package that also navigates tight turns with ease. The Sojourn 146 is designed to fit medium to larger paddlers, while the Sojourn 146 LV (low volume) was designed with smaller folks in mind. Both boats carve and edge like much longer kayaks and (thanks to expert hull engineering) are super stable from the moment they hit the water. Outfitted with our Airestream seat system and adjustable thigh braces, these boats are super comfortable too. Scheduled to start shipping in February 2015, keep an eye out for these highly anticipated models.

I have a Chebeague LV on the roster that I could bring with me to the Blackburn Challenge. Gloucester is about as close to you as I’d be getting.

It’s currently slated for carbon fiber construction, skeg, red deck/white seam/white hull and should weigh in at about 29lbs. If you want the heavier version it’s be 38lbs.

Performance and stability should all be a good match to your parameters except you didn’t state your height, weight & shoe size.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY