Upgrading to a Aqua Bound Sting Ray?

I have been using a Carlisle Magic Plus fiberglass/nylon paddle for the last 6 months or so, and want to upgrade to an all carbon paddle. The price (about 170$) of the Sting Ray is right in the area that I can afford. Will this be a noticeable upgrade over the fiberglass and nylon paddle I am used to?

I am paddling SOTs for fishing, paddling anywhere from 1-4 miles to get to the areas I fish.

Thanks for any info, I appreciate it.

specs …

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Carlisle magic+ blade ....18" long x 7.25" wide ..weight 35 oz. ,F/G shaft, poly w/FG blades
Sting ray Blade ..17 x6.25 ..weight 36 oz..FG/carbon shaft...poly blades.
You will probably not notice a big enough difference to warrant buying the stingray, unless you can find one used @ a good price, they are both too close in blade size and weight. the stingray being a tad smaller blade may be a bit easier on the arms and shoulders. The Stingray 235cm was my 1st paddle.

Like night & day

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The design of the Aqua Bound is quite different than the Carlisle but my preference and use are with the heavier aluminum shaft Aqua Bound Manta Ray and Sting Ray. Out for a normal day I paddle faster with the Sting Ray than with the Manta Ray because of the smaller blade and less resistance.

I have paddled over 13,000 miles using Aqua Bound paddles and choose them over all others. They are incredibly strong and I haven't seen a broken one "yet".

Enjoy your Aqua Bound.

I have used both
I started with an aluminum sting ray, “upgraded” to the fibreglass carlisle magic, then moved on to a carbon sting ray and a carbon bending branches depending on conditions.

What i found about the magic is that the blades are HEAVY. The blade shape is shorter and wider, have a very solid feel when you really pull on them and seem to propel the boat very fast, but after 45 minutes of swinging those blades i was soo tired out i went back to the aluminum sting ray. I also found the carlisle had alot thicker shaft. I prefer the smaller shaft of the aquabound.

I find the sting ray blades don’t feel like the pull as much, and don’t feel like they pull you as fast, but you can paddle for hours with them. Even my bending branches, which has a bigger blade than the magic doesn’t tire me out as much because of the swing weight of the blades.

If you have a place that sell both you could try getting one of each, hold it at the very end near the blade and see which feels lighter that way. A little more weight on a paddle isn’t always a bad thing if it’s in the right place.

Aquabound and Bending Branches
are combined now i see - the performance paddles of Aquabound are paddles i bought last year that were Bending Branches - i have an Evening Breeze and Twilight -which are now new names on Aquabound. These were very expensive and have an adjustable length shaft. I have to admit i like the option of changing lengths on these but i also bought carbon/carbon ABS blade aquabounds on sale last year and although much cheaper - if i dont use my greenland paddle, i tend to grab the all black Aquabound stingray (i bought various lengths because they are that nice!) I have the white plastic stingray which is a tad heavier but still a great paddle. My aluminum shafts never get used although i keep them in case we have a very rough paddler joining us! I have some the those carlisle fiberglass paddles but they were not the right feel in my hand or the blade shape. So, from all of this…Aquabounds are a great paddle for the $$ Werners look awesome but are much more money and i dont know if they can take the abuse like an aquabound. Now the ferrules - spring style or the newer twist - i like the new twist style as our older spring locks tend to expand and stick and some are very difficult to take apart. Just another option!

Have been paddling with Aquabounds…
We use the carbon shaft, white paddle Aquabound Sting Rays with our sea kayaks and love them. I found my 220cm a little short for the Manta Ray SOT fishing kayak, so I’m paddling with a 240 all-carbon Aquabound FinStalker - designed for exactly the paddling conditions you describe. Excellent!

Presently, there are two dedicated angler paddles out there by Bending Branches/Aquabound, though they may later combine the best angler features into one angler paddle. Check it out before you make your decision.

I have the Manta Ray
and I am very pleased with AquaBound. The blades are carbon reinforced nylon. Harder that rocks apparently because I mosh this baby through some terrible excursions. Very light weight, nice swing. What is really funny is when I hand it to someone using anything except a $499 paddle, they immediately notice how sweet it feels. Trying to get it back from them sometimes requires devious methods.

Ther is a noticeable
difference in the swing weight with all carbon paddles, but for those distances, it’s not that big a deal. The other difference is that the fiberglass/nylon probably flexes more than a carbon fiber paddle, so it may be easier on your body.

If you were paddling constantly or doing 20 mile trips, it might be worth it, but for 1 to 4 mile trips, it’s probably not going to be worth the extra $$$


36 oz is stinkin heavy
Unfortunately AquaBound doesn’t make any all carbon paddles anymore.

Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Carbon
I started paddling with an Aqua-Bound. I currently paddle with Epics. I would recommend the Aqua-Bound full carbon. It is an excellent paddle for the price. I picked one up recently at a paddle shop recently. It felt very light.

Shaft Material: Carbon Blade Material: Carbon Overall Length: 210cm, 220cm, 230cm, 240cm, 250cm Blade Length: 18in (45.7cm) Blade Width: 6.25in (15.8cm) Shaft Shape: Straight Feather Angle: 0 Degrees & 60 degrees Collapsible: Yes Paddling Style: Low Angle Weight: (With TLC, 220cm) 32oz (907g)



If I assume correctly

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Deermaster, you are in the Hampton Roads area and fish with the POL crew. Give me a call at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports in Virginia Beach (422-2201), we carry the Carbon Series Stingray and I may have a 230cm and 240cm in stock.

not true-Aquabound DOES have full carbon