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Considering a 2-3 night canoe trip late April/early May on the Upper Delaware. Has anyone made any similar trips? I’m also thinking a trip on the East or West branches would be intresting if possible from may the Downsville area. Any recommendations on starting/stopping points, camping information.

I am planning to do a 2 night in the Del Water Gap National Rec area… before all the tubers and summer fun come into play - late April, early May - the outfitter I contacted (going solo so I require a Livery) said thier rule of thumb is when both the water and air temperature (combined) break the 100 degree mark (ie. 55 air, 45 water…) starting around Milford or Dingman’s Ferry , depending on the Livery’s limitation, down to Del Water Gap (where overnight parking is available).

the outfitter’s link - http://www.adventuresport.com/

and the Nat Parks link -


Hope this helps…

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Not the same

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Tom, although they are the same river, the DWG and the upper delaware are 2 different animals and have different NPS managment. I think Attidog will find the info he needs here: http://www.nps.gov/upde/index.htm
There are no wilderness sites on the Upper Del. like you find in the DWG, so your camping options are limited to private campgrounds. See: http://www.nps.gov/upde/lodging.htm

Vince (eagerly awaiting ice out!)

delaware river
i have done the whole delaware to tide water near trenton. also my parents live in downsville. so, as far as paddling the east and west branch there is little to no primative camping but there are private campgrounds, some nice ones too . the west branch from deposit just below the cannonsville is primaraly a fishing river and i only paddle it on weekdays just so i dont get in the way of all the fisherman,driftboats. it is a nice class one section of river and only takes 4 or 5 leisurly hours to get to hancock. the east branch has a liverly called al’s sport shop in downsville right at the dam to the peapacton. al is a great guy who will help you out on logistics his number is in the book.the east branch to hancock is a much longer trip and goes mostly along rt. 30 there are 2 or 3 private camp grouds alog the way one is peasfull valley and i think the other is ox bow but ask al. there is one more after the eastbranch meets with the beaverkill at eastbranch. bar and resturant also. this setion to the confluence with the west branch is one of my favs. i also put in and take out at the firemans field in hancock you can drive right to the river. usally put in at the firemans fied and take out in lords ville [day trip] like stated above its mostly private and it would be advisable to camp at private campgrounds. the upper del to skinners is a great river and as far as the del. goes it has very little traffic have fun. maybe i will see you out there i am ussally in a mohawk solo.

Thanks for the clarification - what do you expect from a NYer…

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I usually do the DWG in April or May annually, so maybe I’ll see you there.


Thanks Bob!
Thanks Bob. I actually spoke to Al briefly. I’m thinking that we might do a fairly leisurely paddling / fishing trip from Downsville to the UpDel down to maybe Long Eddy - any ideas on how long a trip that may be? Also, as far as the west Branch is concerned, do you think it would be possible to launch and take out at Walton for a day trip? Or would the current be too swift.

delaware river
hey attidog i am from haskell nj how bout you? going from al’s to hancock would be a long day trip i would not think of doing it in a day but that doesnt mean it cant be done i could cech my maps and give the mileage and approx hours.

I’m actually…
in Jersey City so not too far. Thanks for the info…I’m not that familar with it just yet, but if you need any info on places down here like the Meadowlands, let me know - wouldn’t do any overnights there, but it’s good for a day trip.

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i am at work so its hard to give alot of info on the rivers right now and my wife and i are taking care of our very ill dog but i will give you some much more detailed info as time permits this area is so nice and i love to share what i know with folks that are intrested i will stay in touch. bob

delaware river
hey attidog would love to trade a trip with you and your family i will show you the way around the upper del and you can show me around the lower hudson. my dog died last night and i have got to get out of dodge for a few days going to vermont skiing so think about it and get back to me. my email is bobjensen150@hotmail.com ps you cannot go downriver from walton because thats where the res starts. to do the west branch you have to go from deposit to hancock or from above walton to walton.