Upper Dells Kayak This Sunday advice please

We are planning a kayak trip to the Wisconsin River This sunday near the lake portion of the upper Dells section.
Put in at River Bay Resort (got a cabin for the night) and take out the same place. plan was to go see some bluffs in that area, hit the other side for Witches gulf, maybe take on the Narrows if it’s safe. We wont’ get on the river until 11am ish.
We have two Tarpon 120s and an Aquaglide Chelan 120 for boats. We are used to kayaking on lakes with wake boats and such, my daughter rows in a rowing club on the fox river in the chain so we know the risks of getting swamped but this is an unfamiliar body of water for us. I just want to make sure we are safe with the equipment and any advice on limiting the trip for safety.
I appreciate any advice you have.