Upper Flambeau Portage?

Has anyone started AT the flowage for Flambeau and portaged through Park Falls? Wondering if this is as straightforward as google earth makes it look.

I understand the unreliable-ness of satellite imagery, but I’m pretty resourceful and it’s certainly a manageable distance even if I had to detour a bit.

There are a few low grass/dock spots a the start of this measured path, so that seems pretty straight forward… but the put in at the bottom is tough to tell on accessibility.

I have not made this portage but am somewhat familiar with the area. Your prospective take-out is (or was, pre-pandemic) a broken down dock at the southern end of Hines Park. A better take out is a 1/4 mi +/- further north (still in Hines Park) where there is a pier and a ramp. There’s a paved pedestrian-only path by the water that runs the length of the park.
Your prospective put-in is at Riverside Park. I’m not aware of a purpose-built boat launch there, but why put a park on the river if you can’t access it somehow?

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