Upper James River Trail Maps???

I am looking to buy some maps of the Upper James River Trail, but can’t find any sources online.

Anyone know where I can order some from?



Admittedly this isn’t very detailed.

You can go to americanwhitewater.org and use their national river database. (Maybe join. They will encourage you to.) I have “scouted” the upper James using their section breakdown, and you can print out their pages.

I also used Google Earth to check out possible access (other than that specified by AW) and campsites. You can capture Google Earth images from your screen, and if you have a photo editing program, you can put on text and symbols to suit.

The vdgif website details the access points pretty well. Otherwize there are a few outfitters in the area that might help. The one in Buchannan being the best. Also a book by Bruce Ingraham (sp?) Titles “fishing the james” is extremely helpful for float info. You can pm or email me with other questions. Im in lynchburg but have done a lot of the upper james, although nothing above arcadia.

GMCO, which is located north of Fredericksburg, has a nice waterproof upper James map.



(PS - I’m enjoying the Romany)