upper Lake Mead/lower Colorado ?

Lake Mead is currently @ 1093’ & Colorado basin has been drought-struck since ‘01

TR here from 11-07 (when my research found Mead @ 1111’) mentioned navigability problems due to lo levels. Awaiting reply from LMNRA but wondering if any here have recently paddled above Pearce Ferry into lower Colorado river ?



This is no substitute for the specifics
you need, but when Lake Powell went way down, the silt delta previously laid down by the San Juan river developed a deadly waterfall. For a while there was no way to portage and poor odds of surviving the drop in shape to go on.

Usually silt deltas are merely inconveniences, with braided watercourses and bars that are hard to read and circumvent. One thing you can try is to go on Google Earth and see what problems are shown prior to the drop in Lake Mead. Then decide whether you would want much more of the same.

Try contacting these guys:
Robert at: http://www.kayaklakemead.com/contact.html

Helen at: http://www.desertriveroutfitters.com/welcome.htm

If they don’t know the answer to your question, they probably can refer you to someone who can.

Good luck!

You might be better served posting
on www.boatertalk.com. Choose the boatertalk and the raft forum. Way more people talk about the Canyon on the raft page. Another thought is to post a question on the forum of the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association.