Upper Millers in the remnants of Hurricane Ida

Like everywhere else on the east coast, Hurricane Ida dumped a ton of water on us here in southern New England. I was planning to lead a flatwater trip for my local club on the Pawcatuck River here in RI, but it was above flood stage so I had to cancel. One door closes and another opens - I was now free to paddle one of my favorite whitewater runs - the Upper Millers.

The kayakers outnumbered the open boaters on this trip with 6 kayaks and 4 canoes. If you are a Millbrook canoe fan, there was a 20/20 and 2 Shachos. I was feeling a little old school in my royalex Outrage. The river alternates between class II and III rapids, with some quick water in between. I spent most of my time dodging rocks, bouncing over waves and dumping out my boat. Still it was a great day. Few pictures and a video here: