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I am planning to do my first trip on the Upper Missouri in Montana down river from the Fort Benton area. I have an opening to go the third week of July. I would appreciate knowing what to expect regarding conditions such as climate, bugs etc for this time of year, particularly this year. I usually canoe camp the Ozarks in S Missouri and have never been to Montana before. Many thanks for any feedback.

Missouri River Paddlers
Go to Facebook and search Missouri River Paddlers run by Norm Miller. Join and ask your question there.

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Take yr time, get maps in ft. Benton. Bring water, sun shade, umbrella, sun screen, brimed hat, long pants, shirt…protect yr selfrom.sun…key point!!!

Allow 5-9 days to kipp.

Watch for rattlers.

No cell coverage.

Arrainge shuttle ahead of time.

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Missouri Breaks
Bring bug protection also. Less mosquitos this yr but there will still be some. Also some deer flies at Kipp Landing. Sun will be intense at times. Wind can be strong at times (usually upstream). Thunderstorms are always possible. Shore lines in places can be muddy. I was told camping on private land usually isn’t a problem as long as you dont litter or start a grass fire. The Cottonwood trees break easily so don’t put your tent under one if its windy. Good hike at Eagle Creek camp. Short loop into some hoodoos. Other hikes also into the cliffs. Take your time and explore the hikes. Bob

teepee rings
There are places you can find teepee rings on bluffs above the river. very cool. And, yes, I have paddled into the upstream wind on the Missouri, it can make for a long day.

Hes been there done that, trip was two months ago Thanks thou

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Be advised that Montana can get hot, really hot in July. Some of our trip was over 110 degrees. There will be some bugs, but June is much worse. Bring the Lewis and Clark Journal. Use a water pump or other water treatment. Don't over load your boat ie Old Town fictional weight ratings of 1000 pound loads as being okay. Take your time and have fun.

Sometimes shade is in short supply. I agree with the need for clothing, brimmed hats, free-standing tarp, sunscreen, etc.