Upper Missouri River Guide

I am looking for a reliable River Guide River Co. for a trip on the Upper Missouri River. I am considering a 6-7 day trip.Any help is appreciated.

what section
I’ve done the Missouri Breaks section twice & am gong back this summer. Without a doubt, the finest canoe trip I have ever taken. If you are doing that section (from Fort Benton down to the Kipp State Park, I can give you the name of the guy who did our shuttles. He might know of local guides. Maps & booklets are available online.

Interesting that you should mention
you planned expedition. The new July edition of Canoe and Kayak has an article on paddling the upper Missouri. Not much information is given about guides and services on the river, but it does mention Adventure Bound Canoe and Shuttle. No address or phone, but you may want to call the BLM in that area for help in locating this or other canoe service companies.

Upper Missouri outfitters
Try this website: www.uppermissouri.com

Enjoy your trip.

Strong Recommendation
Two summers ago, my wife and I paddled the Upper Missouri River from Coal Banks Landing to the Kipp Recreation Area…a total of 103 miles over 6 days/5 nights. Our host and leader was Glenn Monahan, owner / operator of Upper Missouri River Guides.

I can not say enough good things about Glenn’s operation. He is considered one of the premier guides on the Upper Missouri with a deep knowledge of the history and lore of the region. Glenn and an assistant, handled all of the logistics so that we could focus on the river and its surroundings. We camped several nights at spots used by the Lewis and Clark expedition some 200 years ago. We enjoyed delicious meals prepared by Glenn and his crew, reading from the Lewis & Clark diaries after dinner. We explored hidden historic sites along the way and hiked to several geological treasures probably not known by many others. But best of all, Glenn is a super-nice guy who really adds a great deal to the whole experience

I would highly recommend these folks! Upper Missouri River Guides - www.uppermissouri.com or (406) 563-2770

Thanks for all your replies. This should be a great trip.