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I am looking for a reliable River Guide River Co. for a trip on the Upper Missouri River. I am considering a 6-7 day trip.Any help is appreciated.

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Try this link :http://www.uppermissouri.com/

I haven’t personally used these guys, but I was on the river last year with a group from our local community college and we used them for our shuttle. (the group I was with has been doing this for many years) They have been doing the “guide thing” for quite a while and I believe they are reliable.

do this
Type in google ft. benton missouri river guides etc and you should come up with the two main companies. I think both have a good reputation.

Ive done the section many times solo but not with a group. I assume by your comment “upper” sections you mean the white cliffs area? There still is hundreds of miles above that just so you know.

I recommend going from Coal Banks to james Kipp Bridge. You should be able to do that in the time you requested. Its actually more beautiful below Judith Landing to James kipp that above it in the white cliffs in my opinion.

If you want more info let me know.


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the “National wild and scenic river section” at 150 miles would prolly be perfect…

As Norm says, Fort Benton has several guide companies and can be found on the FortBenton Webpage…

I would recommend the last half of the scenic section and tryn to squeeze in the “gateway to the Mtns”

Upper Missouri
We paddled the section from Coal Banks to James Kipp Rec Area in 1999. We used an outfitter in Virgelle (near Coal Banks) for a shuttle. The trip took 5 days and was quite enjoyable. We were in kayaks.

Upper Missouri
I just got back this weekend from paddling the Upper Missouri. I paddled from Loma to Kipp in 5 days. I used Adventure Bound Outfitters for a shuttle only, but I believe they also do guide work. Give them a call, Mike and Meredith are the owners and they’re good people. Enjoy!

Thanks for all your replies. This should be a great trip.

it will be a great trip :slight_smile: