Upper Missouri River

I am planning on kayaking from Three Forks to James Kipp in May/June 2013. I would like to hear from anyone who has done this route or part of it - though especially the section from Three Forks to Great Falls. I have read as much as I can find (Keith Drury, Glenn Monahan and David Miller), but all are a little dated now. I will contact marina owners on Canyon Ferry Lake regarding portage around the dam. I already have contacted the utilities owning the other dams and have had good info. River water quality seems to be a concern - arsenic in the upper part, fertilizer and pesticides below Great Falls.

Got email. Write later.

What’s concern about water? For.drinking or just in?

Millers book is best.:…not really rated.

Goto.face book “Missouri river paddlers” tons of info all there have done. The river…some to st. Louis


Upper Missouri
Paddletothesea - thanks. I have come across reference to you in some other blogs - sounds like you are the wise old man of the Missouri and I would appreciate your advice. My concern about the water is drinking quality as it will affect my decision as to carry water or use my filter. My other main concern is what to wear in late May - early June. I live in south Texas where it has already reached the high 90’s, and I normally don’t paddle in cold water. We will be in touch by e-mail then.

i sent ya an email on this an hour ago.
May weather? It’s the rocky mtns…wait 10 minutes it.will change.

Yesterday it was 82…today…30 blowing snow whiteout with winterstorm warning.

Should be more stable end of may…60-80s daytime. Night s25-50 degrees. warm sleeping bag, down jacket at nights good. Shorts or paddling pants day