Upper missouri River

I’m going to do the Upper Missouri River. I would like to go some time between may 15 to June 15, depending who might like to go.

The trip would start at FT Benton Montana ending at the James Kipp camp ground a 149 miles trip. Canoes or Kayaks welcome. Hope to see you there. Here is a link



Great route…done a few times. If you need any info give me a ring.

Have Facebook group “Missouri river Paddlers” see you there.

Upper missouri River
Thanks for the interest in my trip. I have most of the info, but wood like some info on when high water is there seems to be conflict on this point. Is my timing rite? Between May 15 to June 15. These times are not written in stone. Is your group doing this run this spring? I’m looking for someone to transport me back to car. If you no someone who can help contact me at


I tried face book, but found it to public for me.

Tanks James

Depends every years on the snow we get. this year a good snow amount so it could be high when you are there…thus a fast trip. Dont go too fast!!!

If you google “Water levels for Missouri river cfs?” something like that you can find the historical water tables from each month the last 30 years to give you an idea.

Our facebook group is ONLY about missouri river related paddling etc. One wont find more information anywhere. Almost all 400+ members paddle the Mo regularly as well about about 20 who have gone all the way to the gulf of mexico. Picture one big campfire and you are sitting around all talking Missouri River Paddling! I paddle the Mo in Montana a 12 dozens a year since i live there. Not sure I answered you question.

Have you got dave millers book “The Complete Paddler”? A guide to paddling the Missouri river…the entire river…400 pages, hundreds of maps and a lot of info!!

Yes you answered it good info thanks


hows the planing going?
Hows the trip plans goin?

Should be plenty of water since we are still getting snow here in Mt.

Trip Plans
All done except the shuttle. Having problem finding someone to split shuttle fees with 300 to 550 dollars,and that’s just to drive my car to pickup point and me driving them back,is out of my league. Going any way even if I have to hitch hike back to my car.

Still have time, like you said It’s still snowing, it snowed at my house in the Bitterroot this morning didn’t stick though. Talked to BLM yesterday and they said there was ice on all the boat ramps.

With all the snow this year mite have to go later in June.

Raid a article on the Green river run this morning maybe use for back up plan. The article was written by someone in your paddle group maybe you wrote it. Well anyway it’s on the list.

Thanks for the interest


upper missouri paddle
Putting together a paddle from Casper, WY to New Orleans, LA, but if the Platte River/Missouri route is too shallow in Central NE may switch to Yellowstone/Missouri. Probably in aluminum 18 footer so may be too slow to keep up with you. Keep in touch. Bounce an independent e-mail off me at rhoffmeyer@vcn.com.


i’ll keep ya posted
If i hear anyone else doing that this spring, I’ll let you know maybe you two can split the shuttle. The hitch hike is not an option…there may not be a car down that long dirt road for hours and Im sure they wont pick you up etc.

missouri r shuttle
I have driven the shuttle and it takes about 7-8 hours.

cost not time

know it takes 7 to 8 hours. My problem is I can’t afford the 3 to 500 hundred dollar cost. need to find someone to split the cost of the shuttle.

If you have time but not money drive it yourself.

bite the bullet
I would butt I’m a solo paddler. Only have one car. I’m still going Just going to have to bite the bullet and pay the money.