Upper Mountain Fork - OK - need info

We are staying at The Narrows RV park on the Upper Mt. Fork in a few days. Right now the water is about 150 cfs. I read on SW Paddler their is a put in about 9 mi. above The Narrows but I haven’t figured out where that is. Does anyone here know? Also, what is 150 cfs like? Will we have to drag and walk a lot? Or will it mostly be navigable? Also, is that enough flow to keep us moving in the not too shallow areas? Or will we have to work hard a lot paddling? Just trying to decide whether to do it and see it or just go below to the rereg dam. Would love to hear some info. from someone who has done it.

Thank you!

perhaps this link will help, I’m turning into datakoll!

I’m actually looking to paddle the mountain fork in june. Please share your experience on pcom. That will help me out with my planning.