upper Mullica River, NJ

Anybody have recent information on whether the Mullica above Atsion Lake is paddleable? I know about the plastic bridge. Is the Goshen Pond campsite accessible by car? Is there a decent put-in at Jackson Road? Is the river passable from Jackson Road down to Goshen Pond?

Or is there an inland-south-Jersey paddling organization that I could ask?

– Mark

South Jersey Canoe Club
Just did it about 2, maybe 3 weekends ago. Contact them at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sjcanoeandkayak/

I/we did the section from Atsion on down to Pleasant Mills the same weekend that they did the upper Mullica.


Just checked…
the Yahoo group. Seems that there’s been no activity since 2004. Perhaps I’m missing something? I’m always looking for more local resources (as if there aren’t enough in the South Jersey/PA. area).

Sorry, my fault …
Was in too much of a hurry this afternoon. Here is the CORRECT website. Contact Jerry, he ran the trip and is a terrificly nice guy. His contact info is on the “Schedule Page” of the website.


Jeff P.

South Jersey group rebuilding
Contact me regarding this group. This group is growing and will be very happy to have you join us . We are interested in energetic paddlers who are not afraid to explore and with who’s input we can re-establish the passion for paddling in South Jersey.

Error South Jersey
It is the njcanoeandkayak club that is rebuilding not he South Jersey club…

There are to my knowledge 2 Yahoo groups dedicated to paddling in NJ but not much action on either one. Surprising because there seems to be plenty of clubs and lots of paddling going on. The Jersey sea kayaking club (JSSKA) seems in particular to be very active. Of course, they have their own forum.

Upper Mullica
Hi Mark-

I just did this trip a couple of weeks ago w/ SJCC.

Yes, it’s passable as long as you don’t mind hauling over and squeezing under many trees and crashing or lifting over a few beaver dams - not an easy trip, but well worth the effort in my opinion- a really beautiful part of the river. I believe we put in from the bridge on Jackson Rd. Not sure about car access to Goshen Pond campground, but I think so. !

Have fun,


Goshen Pond
is accessable by car. I’ve done it several times, most recently late last fall. There ase some soft areas but if you’re carefull you should be OK. I drive a full size 2 wheel drive pickup and made it OK.

All that being said, when I travel the sand roads in the Pine Barrens I always carry a comealong and a long tow strap. I’ve never need them but I have had more than a few close calls.

Marc Ornstein

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Went 2 weeks ago
We spotted a car at Atsion (sp?) and left a car near Bafso…We paddled app 6 miles to the campsite, fif an overnight and paddled the 4 to our pull out…My 17ft tempest was to long for the first part but the river opened up for the second part…my friend let me use his spare canoe paddle for the first part…I also picked up my first poison ivy rash of the year there…we did short 50 ft portage after I think the first 1/2 hour paddle…here are some pics…ps, the gnats were out…http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2888216000065582691rbKlPP

there the outdoor club of south jersey is worth looking into they been around since 1965 and always…awlwyas there trip every weekend and week trip.can look up on the website…ocsj.org…canoe home page.

cant missed out on this organization is very good club for outdoor folks,all ages and all levels for thier trips…

Outdoor ,I’m interested in the OCSJ . I think we talked one time about running the Muddy or the Brandywine. I’m putting together a trip for the Muddy 1st week of June if you guys are up for.

we did it
Thanks, all, for the information. We paddled the Mullica this weekend from Goshen Pond to Pleasant Mills. We didn’t have time or willpower (“Wade! You want me to wade?”) for the stretch from Jackson Road down to Goshen Pond – next year!

Lovely little river. My thanks to the woman from the Outdoor Club of South Jersey who offered us a lift from Crowley Landing if we wanted to extend our trip. It wasn’t possible, but I appreciated the hospitality.

– Mark

muddy creek…
yeah put me down wonder if this is the trip we were together with ocsj,lancaster,wilmington[may 3]if so let keep the wetaher nice and hope for good level[water]…keep me posted...spiecker@tmail.com