Upper Pigeon River in MI

Put in at Hemlock Crossing with a 12’ Walden Vista. Much deadfall and sandbars throughout the river upstream of the powerlines. If your looking for an enjoyable time put in downstream. It can be done but is it worth it? On the bright side the wildlife in that stretch is excellent. We cam upon a whitetail deer getting a drink and were practically on top of her before she saw us and ran. If we go 2 more weeks in West Michigan without significant rain don’t even waste your time with the upper stretch at Hemlock.

Never been to Upper Pigeon River…

but I am planning on doing the Muskegon river from Houghton Lake to Lake Michigan. I am very familiar with a large stretch of the river, but do not know about the river near Houghton Lake to M-115. Have you taken this route before? If it is like the rest of the River it should be great for a weekend trip, but Im having trouble finding a reliable map.

Muskegon River trip
I too was looking at doing that trip. I don’t know much about the lower reaches. When are you going?

May be going around fourth of July weekend. I am only familiar with the stretch of the muskegon from highway 115 down to the town of Evart.

july 4th
is a crazy time on that river. If you want to do it other times, let’s talk. I am interested in doing the whole trip, I just think there is some planning involved. i.e. no camping on some of the lower stretches. Mike.

Feel free to email me.

Yeah it is a bit busy on the river over the fourth…I would like to do the whole trip sometime as well…

I’m in Clare and always looking for a good trip

Im in Lansing, but we have a cottage up near Evart on the Muskegon.

I would like some more info on your recent paddle in this area as my wife and I are looking for a 4th of july 2 day destination.

Mike, check your email.

nope, nothing there. mk27 AT voyager.net?

I dont know…I just used the little email button under your posts.