upper Potomac kayak help

Hi there. This is my first post but I’ve been reading and enjoying and gathering info from y’all and really appreciate it. I’m planning a 3 day kayaking trip for two from Paw Paw WV to Hancock MD in mid September on the upper Potomac. I’ve read several accounts of the trip and am really excited. I’m having problems finding a shuttle person or outfitter though and thought someone here might have advice or a name. I’d like to have someone pick us up at he take out point in Hancock and shuttle us and 2 kayaks to Paw Paw about 45 minutes away. I’ve emailed and called just about everyone mentioned on this site and not gotten any word back so I’m wondering if anyone has any info on an outfitter or person in the area who we could pay to drive us? don’t wanna drive 2 cars from Ohio. also if anyone has done this trip and wants to suggest any good camp sites. I’ll be using Gaia gps but recommendations from humans are always better. :slight_smile: thanks in advance.

water trail guides

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Have you purchased the water trail maps for those sections? The water trail maps are excellent and will show launch and camping areas as well as hazards along the rivers and various resources in the areas. They are waterproof and invaluable for such trips. Well worth a few dollars:



You might also try searching Rail to Trail bicycling forums for information on shuttles in the region since your paddling route parallels the C & O historic canal path bike trail. People doing the bike tours also often use shuttle services. They may not have racks to transport your boats but you can leave most of your party with the boats at your takeout while one or two of you get a ride to retrieve your car upstream to bring it to the takeout.