upper Potomac ....

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...... rises 16' at PawPaw and Hancock , 13' at Point of Rocks . This takes place in a 24 hr. period from Mon. 8am. to Tues 8 am. . Whites Ferry is just another 12 mi. downstream from Point of Rocks .

"What's it look like there Big_D" ??


The recomended don't exceed guage for the run from PawPaw to Hancock is 5' to 7' ... that 16' rise in 24 hrs. translates into 23' at crest up there .

The forcast is for "more" rains and T.Storms every day this week .

Beside making it not safe to fish or canoe through this stretch of the Potomac , it makes the water all muddy ... which means no bite .

Stay home or go to flatwater

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We're about 1' below flood stage right now. Lots of debris in the water. Mid-river islands now appear as a few twigs and leaves above the surface of the water as full-grown trees are bent over and submerged by the strength of the current. The only thing standing strong are the "witness trees" - those huge old sycamores with root systems all the way down to Hades. The river looks like chocolate milk. All the tributaries are running crazy strong and I don't know how a flood is avoidable with four or five more days of thunderstorms in the forecast. There's going to be a heck of a cleanup effort after this, plus some new "brush piles" near the bridge pilings. Get ready to learn some new holes, as periods like this tend to shift what mud we have. The bedrock stays steady, but the mud flats get all shifted around. Your favorite holes and gravel bars may be scrubbed clean, and your favorite ledges may get silted in. New mud flats will form and new ledges will be exposed. But for big features like Knoxville Falls, Lander's Ledge, or Twin Sisters, it'll be a new ball game - which is something I appreciate about river fishing.

I'll let you (meaning the p.net forum, not just pilot-wingz) know of any volunteer opportunities I hear of for C&O, Harpers Ferry, or other parks along the river.

I'll see if I can get out for some photos before the towpath floods, if I'm not too late already. White Horse and Knoxville are probably raging bits of Hell unleashed on the Potomac.

- Big D

yepper , bout what I figured …
… there is “one” creek “just up stream” from the bridge and ramp at Point of Rocks (not far at all)… same side as the ramp . This is a good bet for some great Smallie fishing right now . Will probably be running clear and “not too high” this weekend !!

A real sweet spot in the midst of all that …

Big_D, did ya get a chance to …
… check out that creek ??

Find any place to fish at this last week ??

We took a drive up that way Sun. , the Potomac is still pretty mudded but starting to go down and clear up again .

Took a look at the creek from the small bridge , still brown like the river at the mouth but above the small bridge was greener and just a little bit too stained yet , might have been much clearer a little ways further up into the creek … next week it ought to be right on time !!