Upper temp range for wetsuit?

I often see 50 degrees F as the lower limit of water temperature, whereby one could reasonably use a wetsuit for proper protective clothing. My question is at what water temperature could one dispense with a wetsuit, because the water is warm enough?

I searched the archives and learned a lot, but not this particular answer I was searching for.

I live in San Jose CA, and while I expect to wear the wetsuit always when paddling in S.F. bay, I know that the water in the small reservoirs I frequent gets quite warm in the summer.

Personal tolerance
Usually above 68 degrees, based on individual ability to tolerate cold.

Personally, I wear a drysuit or drytop & neo shorts until I’m ready to just wear a bathing suit. I hate paddling in a wetsuit — too restrictive for good torso rotation, IMO.


what kind of wet suit?
Are you talking about a 3/2 full suit or heavier, or a 3 mm farmer john? I use my 3/2 for surfing until the water is about 62, then hydroskin farmer john and hydroskin top, up until about 68 then I wear the hydroskin top if I’m going to be in the water alot. Water here does not get warmer than about 70-72. Some people wear spring suits all year but that’s way too warm for me.

If we are talking
about survival time in the water (and we are) when water temps go above 70F survival time goes way up eg. 3hrs to indefinate.

Thanks for the comments
I think I will probably skip the wetsuit in calm lakes with water above 65 degrees F.

That sounds reasonable.
It’s ALWAYS a judgement call by you based on: water temp., distance from land, your ability to self-rescue (roll, re-entry), your general skill level, weather conditions.

Small lakes are very different than big water, the further you are from land, the more precautions you will need to take against unforseen problems (injury, sudden deterioration in weather) that could put you in the water for a long time.

You or anyonde who feels the same
might want to check oyt a nylon faced polartec aquashell wetsuit fron aeroskin or mountainsurf.

Offers significant immersion protection yet much less restrictive than 3 mm neoprene.

Since when
do you paddle in the SF Bay? =)~